5 Tips for Decorating with Custom Framed Movie Posters

If you are a movie enthusiast, you will be happy to know that there are many ways to use your custom framed movie posters as part of your décor. You don’t need to hide them on the walls of your basement or save them for your game room either. You may have unsuccessfully tried to use movie posters to decorate your walls before. But if you add a custom frame to your movie posters featuring your favorite stars and scenes, it adds a unique touch to the room’s décor. Achieve the effect you want whether that is adding a touch of elegance or creating a fun, exciting atmosphere in part of your house. Check out these five tips for using framed movie posters as part of your décor.

Choose the Right Size Poster

When decorating your walls, size will matter. It’s important to get the scale right. Your custom framed movie posters should be proportioned to other decorative elements in the room like photos or artwork. Scale should still be considered if you are placing movie posters on a bare wall. Think about the size of the wall, other wall décor, and the size of the furnishings in the room. A small, framed movie poster seems less significant. It is too large, the poster seems unattractive. When it is proportional to other items in the room, it will look great and provide an overall balanced feel in the room.

Choose the Right Movie Poster Colors

Color plays an important role in a room’s décor. When choosing a movie poster to get custom framed, make sure it features the right color scheme. When it is the right color, it will help pull the look of the whole room together. If you are unsure of where to start choosing colors for a movie poster, start with the art that is already in the room. Pick two or three colors from artwork or furnishings. Using these existing colors helps bring out the beauty of your poster and creates a harmonious appearance.

Choose the Right Theme and Style

Your poster should blend in with the rest of the room and add a complementary effect, not stick out like a sore thumb. If the décor in a room depicts a calm atmosphere, you don’t want to hang a bright, loud, and busy movie theme in there. Not only will it catch a lot of attention, but it will look unappealing and conflicting. Choose a scene from one of your favorite movies or a photo of your favorite movie star. Just make sure that it is complementary to the rest of the décor.

Choose the right frame

Just pinning or nailing a movie poster on your wall will not look good. But when you custom frame a movie poster, it adds the right touch to bring out its beauty. That means you need to get the right frame for your poster. At Suburban Frames in Atlanta, GA we can help you choose the right frame for your poster. The perfect poster frame will bring out the beauty of the poster and compliment the room’s décor. A frame adds class and makes the poster look more sophisticated.

Choose the right Location

Hanging a custom framed movie poster in the wrong place will take away from the poster’s beauty and the room’s décor. It should be placed so that it catches just enough attention. It shouldn’t have to fight to be noticed. They make great focal points. Some of the best places for decorative movie posters include on a blank wall, around a wall cabinet, in the middle of other decorative wall elements, or above the TV. This makes it easily noticed and enjoyed. Depending on the design of your house, you may consider hanging it directly opposite the room’s entrance. It puts it directly in view, so your guests make eye contact with it upon entering the room.

Let Atlanta’s Suburban Frames Help!

Custom framed movie posters can create a beautiful, classic, and entertaining space. It makes your space relatable and fun. Let Suburban Frames help you choose the perfect custom frame for your posters! Contact us today to explore the wide variety of options available.