How to Decorate with Custom Framed Large Wall Art

Sometimes it just takes finding the perfect print or painting to change the feel of a whole room. Who doesn’t enjoy an eye-catching, head-turning piece of artwork, right? Custom framed large wall art can be the attention-commanding piece your friends, family, and guests marvel at. Here are a few tips for how to get started decorating with statement-making framed large wall art.

Where to Hang Custom Framed Large Wall Art

Custom framed large wall art can go on almost any wall; they don’t have to be saved just for the larger walls. The key is to keep the décor in the general area simple. That leaves way for your larger piece to make a grander statement. Large wall art may welcome company into the home by adding a glorious focal point in an entryway. You may consider drawing attention to a less noticeable wall by using it as a dramatic centerpiece. Use its beauty to define one of your main walls. Basically, if it fits – use it!

What if you are starting out with a blank space? Then what? Use your custom framed large wall art to set the tone for the rest of your décor. If you are just refreshing a room, choose the accents that will work best with the oversized artwork. The goal is to create an environment where your décor is balanced with complimentary items that turn the eyes toward your statement piece.

Custom Framing Oversized Wall Art

With the ideal custom frame, the size of the piece doesn’t really matter. Custom frames are built to fit the item, so there’s no problem with matching a specific size. The one thing to consider is the weight.  Larger pieces will weigh more than smaller ones and the frame is the heavier portion. It may need a little more support as far as hanging your custom framed large wall art.

Larger artwork will need wider framing materials. In some instances, it may need to be a lot wider than normal. That will depend on the style of the piece, of course. Larger pieces, in general, need a frame at least three inches wide. Suburban Frames in Atlanta, GA, will work with you to help you choose an appropriate frame for your wall art. We’ll help you choose matboard if needed, as well as help you select the color and style of the framing materials.

One thing that can help decrease the overall weight is to use specialized acrylic instead of glass. There are heavy-duty, UV-protected, and non-glare from which to choose. Acrylic offers the same clarity as glass does but weighs far less. Other industries have been using acrylic to replace glass for years. It’s been used to replace glass in aquariums, in fiber optics for flat-screen televisions, and as windows in submarines. It is hearty and can stand up to normal wear and tear that comes from moving it around. But it remains lightweight.

How to Hang Custom Framed Wall Art

Hanging custom framed wall art requires a slightly different approach. You will want to choose the right hardware. Instead of the common screw eye hook, you’ll need a D-ring, which is more stable and can handle the weight of the piece. The D-ring attaches directly to the back of the frame. This provides more strength for hanging.

Depending on how large your wall art actually is, you may need a heavy-duty hanging hook instead of a regular hanging hook. The heavy-duty hook anchors the artwork to a stud. This helps secure the piece and provides protection from incidental contact or bumping. You may also choose to use a cleat hanger system.

If you want to hang without using nails, you have numerous options. You’ll be able to get the look you want without holes. Here are three options for hanging custom framed large wall art.

  • Press-in Picture Hangers.
  • Picture Hanging Strips.
  • Mounting Adhesive.

Let Atlanta’s Suburban Frames Help!

We have decades of experience and expertise that we can put to work for you! Call us today and let us help you get your large wall art custom framed. Our professional techs can help you choose the components for framing your piece and offer expertise on hanging it properl