Custom Framing Ideas for Black and White Photographs

Some photos just belong in black and white. You may print them off your camera, phone, or computer. For many photographs, it’s an elegant, timeless choice. But choosing a custom frame for black and white photographs can be difficult. Do you want to add some color? Where are you going to hang it? Are they going to be hung in a collage of other photos or do you want them on a shelf with other photographs? Here you’ll find a number of ideas for custom framing black and white photographs. These ideas can make it a lot more fun!

Go for a Classic Look by Custom Framing Black and White Photos

If you want to keep a timeless color palette, you may want to choose a black picture frame. Then, you can add a white or an off-what mat to it. Using a light-colored, neutral mat inside a solid black frame can make a bold statement and draw lots of attention. You may choose a custom silver frame to accentuate the various tones in the photo. Using a neutral, light-colored mat inside the silver frame adds light and joy to an area.
However, if you are going for a darker look and feel, then you may want to opt for a dark gray or charcoal mat. Using a classic frame style can showcase family memories or your favorite black and white artwork. If you’re framing more than one item such as a collection, try displaying them in a grid. You may also want to splash various sizes across the wall in a mismatched style. Since the frames are all neutral, you have all the flexibility you need as far as shape and location. Be creative when hanging your photos, it’s your space.

Use Your Existing Décor for Inspiration

You may find inspiration right under your own nose. Take a look around the space you are decorating in your Atlanta home. What kind of themes do you see? What is your current décor? Do you notice any styles, colors, or materials you prefer? Custom frames for black and white photographs come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. It is easy to find something complimentary of your present décor. If your style is rustic, a distressed metal frame or a wood frame may be suitable. You can frame the piece with a small mat or with no mat at all.

If you prefer a more modern look, choose white frames or a polished metal frame for your photos. Frames can be customized to any size. Then, you still have several options. You can choose double or triple mats as well as UV filtered glazing or non-glare glass. Custom framing black and white photographs to match your surroundings is as easy as taking a simple look around.

Add a Pop of Color

You may choose to offset a black and white photograph or artwork with a pop of color. A bright-colored frame can do just that. Subdued colors can do the trick well. But you may also want to choose something bold like hot pink, or a deep hue to set the piece apart. Another option is using a neutral custom frame with a brightly colored mat can work well if you have other bold elements such as black and white furnishings, feature art, or large decorative lamps.

Final Thoughts On Custom Framing Black and White Photos

No matter what your mood or style is there are frames and mats to match. You don’t have to store all your memories on a phone or computer. Using these custom framing ideas you can create beautiful displays out of your memories or artwork. Contact us at Suburban Frames in Atlanta for more ideas!