4 Ways to Use Custom Frames for Your Favorite Photos

If you want to create happiness in your home, try surrounding yourself with your favorite moments. Adding a custom frame to your favorite photographs is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve this goal. Custom Frames in Atlanta has compiled a few ways to use custom frames for your photos. When you work with a professional framer, it’s easy to frame pictures taken from your camera or phone and turn them into enjoyable, decorative elements in your home by adding a custom frame.

Here are a few ideas for using custom frames to enhance your wedding photos, pictures from a memorable trip, a family portrait, or any other photo that brings you joy.

Creating Gallery-Worthy Custom Framed Photos

The first thing you need to do is to find an epic or inspiring photo in your collection. You may just want to choose a picture that makes your heart melt or one that makes you smile.  Once the photo has been professionally printed, you can choose a frame and mat to customize it. Frames come in a wide variety of styles, from rustic to classic and elegant. Then, you can add a dramatic effect by selecting matting. Our expert team of framers will create a custom frame to encase your photo so that you can hang it in the gallery or room of your choice.

Combining Multiple Photos into a Custom Collage Frame

What happens if you have too many pictures, and it’s too hard to pick just one to custom frame? One option is to create a collage of photos to custom frame. It’s a great way to use several pictures to tell a story or share an experience. Custom collage frames usually house up to five images. However, since it is all customized, you can create the effect you want in the style you prefer. We’ll work with you to help you choose an aesthetic layout for the photos you selected before custom framing them in a collage.

Take Your Framed Favorite Photos to a Shelf or Tabletop

What if you have a great shelf, mantel, or antique tabletop you’d like to display your favorite photos? Custom framing your favorite photos means you can choose a tabletop frame design. Tabletop frames are just the right size, design, and balance to bring out the best in any photograph. Another option for smaller frames is using them for unique, memorable gift opportunities.

Custom Framing Vintage Pictures

Custom framing digital photos that have been printed out is a wonderful experience. But you can also use a custom frame on older, vintage pictures, including those prints that are sitting in a shoebox in your closet. At Suburban Frames, you get high-end framing quality at an affordable price. Your photos, new and old, can be ready to display in no time in a beautiful custom frame with museum quality.

Atlanta’s Suburban Frames Can Help You Celebrate Your Favorite Photos

Let Suburban Frames put their decades of experience and expertise to work custom framing your favorite photos, old and new. We can frame anything from nature photos to still-life images, marriage, and family photo shoots, to photos of your pets. Give us a call today, and let us create the perfect frame for your favorite photos.