Tips for Custom Framing AI-Generated Art

One of the latest trends in the world of art is AI-generated artwork. Many artists, galleries, and art-related communities are exploring how to incorporate it into their works. Of course, some artists remain skeptical about the new tech tool. But it seems like it is here to stay. Of course, there are some who are not as artistically inclined to find AI-generated art levels the playing field for them. It helps turn their descriptive ideas into digital artwork.

“Art” is a broad term that is difficult to define, and this is so more than ever today. As long as someone perceives it to be art, anything can be art. For now, let’s look at various types of AI-generated art, how popular it is, and how it can be custom framed.

What is AI-generated art?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It’s been exposed to millions of images like photographs, digital creations, classical art, and many more. The AI algorithm is used for more images it learns how to better craft “human-like” images. Even though AI is still a new concept, there have been some impressive, human-like artwork produced. Most AI tools are used by typing in a description of what you want to create, but some allow you to upload an image to begin with.

Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Artwork

It seems like, for now that people either hate or love the newly developed machine learning. But, like it or not, it’s not likely to go anywhere. Of course, it doesn’t replace human artists and content creators. There are some definite pros and cons beginning to emerge.

Pros of AI-Generated Art

  • Endless Possibilities. Since AI has the ability to learn continuously, there is almost infinite potential when it comes to creating. It has already been used to create metaverse experiences, create 3D spaces, music, and script writing.
  • Inspiration for New Ideas and Styles. Entering text, an image, or code into a prompt begins the AI-creative process. The prompt can be complex, simple, or generic, limited only by the human imagination. But some outcomes are not as good as others. However, a successful prompt has the potential to spark new ideas, create new styles, or blend the two.
  • Levels the Playing Field. Any artist will tell you that creating can get expensive. Buying paint, canvas, charcoal, and other supplies can add up financially. Figuring out which medium to use can be a trial-and-error process. Creating with AI allows creators the ability to explore their artistic abilities without having to lay out money or endure a long learning curve.

Cons of AI-Generated Art

  • Lack of Human Touch. Unlike being able to consult with a live artist, it can be difficult to communicate with AI technology on specific aspects of a piece. This can be frustrating to the creator. AI is a machine, so it’s all black and white; gray areas do not make sense and can only be understood by humans. It’s impossible to have a conversation with AI if you want to communicate a certain vision. Unlike humans, AI lacks common sense. That makes it more difficult to communicate complex ideas or details.
  • Nothing New. AI learns, but it is not inspired. Any content created by AI is based on existing imagery and data. It does not have the capacity to create new ideas.
  • Cannot Evoke Emotions. AI can produce interesting content, but it can’t always make a statement. It does not have feelings or opinions. Sometimes, AI-generated art can represent an emotion or invoke emotion on a particular subject. But AI does not have that capacity. A human can reflect on a subject and create art based on their emotional response.
  • Lacks Realism. AI is not always the best option if you’re aiming for realism. It may have added or subtracted proportions, and limbs on animals may look more alien-like. This is because AI lacks common sense, so it can’t always comprehend realism.
  • No Copyright. Currently, the US Copyright Office is not granting copyrights to AI-generated artwork. Atlanta businesses and creators can share creations without worrying about violations or infringements. Since an AI-generated image lacks human authorship, the Copyright Office does not provide legal protection.

Custom-Framing AI-Generated Artwork

It’s easy to spend hours crafting a perfect prompt to get AI to produce the ideal image. When you put that much work into your AI-generated art, it deserves a custom frame! Depending on the subject matter, your AI-generated artwork can be framed and hung nearly anywhere.

Before you start choosing the frame and matting, consider the space where you’ll be hanging your new creation. Fantasy portraits can create a magical environment in an office or game room. Landscape or scenic pieces can provide a calming effect in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Once you have an idea of where you want to hang your custom-framed AI-generated art, you’re ready to choose the frame and matting. The style and colors of your piece will influence these choices. Your frame and matting choices can be sophisticated, modern, or classic styles. Whatever makes your AI-generated artwork stand out!

Let Suburban Custom Frames in Atlanta Help!

Not sure what goes best with your AI-generated art? Talk to the pros at Suburban Frames, and we’ll help you find the perfect custom framing solution to accentuate your piece. We can help you with your decision-making process and add professional input to ensure you get the desired effect. Contact us today, and let us help you!