Creative Tips for Using Custom Frames in the Bathroom

Some homeowners save bathroom decorating for last. But there are many ways to make this smaller room aesthetically appealing. You may not spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but you are sure to spend some time there every single day. Custom frames can give your bathroom’s interior a polished look. There are some considerations that are unique for this room since it is smaller than most areas of your home that you enjoy redecorating. Here are a few tips to help you use custom frames to make your bathroom look great!

Framing Tips for Bathrooms

Consider the Material of Your Custom Frame

Special considerations should be made when choosing your frame materials to use in the bathroom. It can affect the frame’s durability as well as maintenance. Bathrooms have more humidity than most other rooms of the house. Untreated wooden frames may absorb extra moisture and begin to expand or contract. Changing temperatures and humidity can cause frames to warp over time. Make sure to discuss your frames with a professional at Suburban Frames, so they can ensure the material is suitable for this moist room.

Protect Artwork from Damage

When you get your bathroom decorated, especially with custom pieces, you want it to look great for a long time. Talk to a professional framer about ways to preserve your artwork or prints. Preventive measures may mean sealing the frame or using laminated prints. Lamination is a good way to make your artwork waterproof; however, for some pieces, it’s not possible. With that being said, you probably do not want to put your most expensive pieces in a bathroom area because of the humidity.

One thing that can be beneficial is to make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated. During and after showers, make sure to run the exhaust fan. If you are designing your own bathroom, include windows that can be opened so that they can provide some ventilation. Avoid using artwork that is difficult to replace or maintain, including items like vintage pieces, original pieces, and limited editions. Also, use other décor that isn’t constructed of paper, such as ceramic or metal.

Focus on the Subject

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is visited first thing every morning as you get ready for your day, and it is visited the last thing each evening as you ready yourself to retire for the night. Its décor should be inspiring, creative, and life-affirming. Prints are great options to use for custom framed pieces in your bathroom. Prints are often very inspiring and help you get your day energized.

Nature-themed artwork can add a sporty or outdoorsy touch to your bathroom’s décor, especially if your bathroom is enclosed and windowless. Your décor can open it up a bit and make it seem not as sterile. Artwork or prints that feature animals, plants, and landscapes make the room look and feel more vibrant. Choosing the right frame can also make the room look more spacious or help you feel more relaxed and at peace.

Bathroom Design

No matter what room you are decorating, think about the space. The space impacts where you place pictures, as well as how large they should be and the color schemes you choose. Some homes have only one bathroom, others have several, and they are all styled differently. Custom framing projects for bathrooms are impacted by the location of the shower, sink, and toilet. You’ll want to consider the arrangement of the fixtures, storage, furnishings, and lighting. The lighting fixtures are essential for a well-lit bathroom, which needs space for shadowless lighting for shaving and grooming. The location of your lighting fixtures will influence where you place your artwork and other décor.

Bathroom Framing Basics

Remember that using custom frames in the bathroom is very different from decorating walls in other areas of a house. Why? Mostly, it’s due to the excessive moisture they will be exposed to. For larger bathrooms, this can be addressed by dividing the space into different sections and spreading the artwork out over them. You can custom frame mirrors to use on partition walls and to manage light in the space. Think about the window openings, and know your measurements before you begin.

Let Atlanta’s Suburban Frames Help Decorate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms deserve to be decorated just like all the other rooms in your house. Custom framing can help you spruce up or finish off your bathroom décor. Choosing a professional framer to help you add the perfect artistic touch to your bathroom can be helpful for transforming the style, mood, and feel of your bathroom. Let the pros at Suburban Frames help you today!