5 Ways to Tell Something Deserves to Be Custom Framed!

You may have a few special items that you’ve considered custom framing. Some people tape pictures to the wall, if you can believe that. Maybe you’ve got a lot of Instagram photos or photos on your phone that you would like to put on display. There are a lot of creative ways to frame nature photos, family pictures, photos of your pets, and more! How do you know when something deserves to be custom framed? Many people find it difficult to narrow down to photos or other items to hang in their Atlanta homes. Here are five tips to help reveal the things that deserve a custom frame.

Tip #1. You Just Can’t Keep from Showing off the Photo.

You’ve probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Each photo is precious and brings up cherished memories. They communicate a lot about a person’s experiences and life. No matter where they are on Instagram, Facebook, other social media platforms, or physical copies, everyone has photos that are special to them. If you have a few specific photos that you keep showing off to your family and friends, it is a sign that the photo(s) should be custom framed.

Framing photos lets you show off memories. Not just any memories but ones that deserve to be displayed. You will not regret memorializing your special photos whether you frame them for your home, workplace, or somewhere else.

Tip #2. The Photo Would Make a Great Accent Piece Once it is Custom Framed.

If you have a favorite piece of artwork or a photo that would accent a space well, go ahead and frame it. Nothing ties an entire room or a space together like a custom picture frame. One way to be sure that a piece would look great in a room is to think about how the space is arranged and the various design elements. You can pretty much go with your gut when it comes to styling your personal spaces. Everybody is a little bit different when it comes to accessorizing their décor with custom frames. Make it your own space, and that includes what you choose to frame.

Tip #3. It Would Make a Perfect Gift.

Sometimes, you just know that a photo would make a perfect framed gift. Framed gifts are great for any occasion, including custom framing gifts for new parents, pet parents, teachers, or your boss. Vintage family photos are great for relatives’ birthdays or holidays. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create and give a lasting, beautiful display of memories, making it a personal, special, and perfect gift.

Tip #4. The Piece Makes Its Own Statement.

Who doesn’t love a bold, statement piece? They are perfect for letting others know a little bit more about you without saying a word. You can express powerful feelings by custom framing a piece of art or a photo, and you don’t even need words. If you find a piece that speaks to you, it can also convey a message on your behalf. Need some ideas? Think about an iconic photo of a world event or a piece of humorous artwork. Your custom frame choices can make your message even bolder.

Tip #5. Custom Frame Something that is Important to You.

Photos are a great way to show who you are and display what moments matter to you. A custom frame display can make a space personal and demonstrate its importance. Here is your final tip. Identify items that are truly important to you. These deserve to be custom frames. It can be anything such as a photo, piece of art, or anything that lies flat. Consider important letters, recipes, travel mementos, or postcards. Perhaps you have a few things tucked away in a drawer. Isn’t it time these items were used to create a deserving display?

Get Assistance from Suburban Frames In Atlanta, Georgia

You really cannot go wrong with what you choose to frame as long as it has meaning and importance to you. Contact Suburban Frames in Atlanta, and let us help you custom-frame your most deserving pieces. We have decades of experience that we can put to work for YOU!