Matching Interior Design and Frame Styles

No matter what the primary design style is, it’s fun to fill empty wall space with custom-framed pictures. Designing an interior space in your Atlanta home requires considering the ultimate style you’re after and then matching your frame styles. This is how you create a cohesive feel in a space. If you are new to interior design, it can be confusing to try and bring the various elements together. Trying to comprehend all the different style designs can be overwhelming, especially if you are accustomed to one particular style.

When it comes to your personal space, there are no rules! You are free to make it your own and create whatever feels or looks right to you. It’s totally okay to mix and match styles. Sometimes, combining elements taken from a variety of styles and types creates the perfect effect. But it’s also good to have a safe place to start. Once you get started, the process can be easier. So, here are some basics on the most common interior design styles and recommendations for the types of custom frames you may want to pair with them.

Modern Interior Design

Modern design elements date back to the early to the mid-20th century. It excludes drama, intricate ornaments, and heavy textures. Modern design is going to favor clean, straight lines and uncluttered spaces. The main theme is one of functionality with each accessory or piece that is part of the décor. The goal of modern design is to create feelings of openness, simplicity, and cleanliness. So, you’re likely to see the use of natural light, open-concept floor plans, and neutral tones.

Modern Design Frame Style Recommendations

Custom frame styles will keep in line with the neutral tone and simplistic design of the modern interior space. Incorporate neutral tones, including white or silver, to stay with the modern design and make the space feel more like it’s your own. You may also want to opt for thinner metal frames to stay with your theme.

Traditional Interior Design

The traditional interior design style is inspired by European décor. This style became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the elements that distinguish this style include:

  • Intricate wooden or tile floor patterns
  • Wood moldings and paneling
  • Antique furniture
  • Elegant furnishings
  • Neutral colors paired with rich tones for accents

The traditional design looks to create a tidy, calm space that maintains a sense of simplicity and elegance. Symmetry was an important aspect which contributes to the orderly appearance. Accents and furnishings should center on a focal point, like a fireplace, custom framed artwork, or television. Furnishings and accessories are often displayed in pairs.

Traditional Design Frame Style Recommendations

Wooden frames fit nicely with traditional interior design concepts. Wooden frames offer a warm but simple feel in the space. Large wooden frames can be used as a center or focal piece in traditional design. If you want to add some contrast, use thinner, maybe white metal frames.

Minimalist Interior Design

The minimalist style is all about keeping things simple. Design elements include concise color schemes, natural lighting, and clean, straight lines. It naturally lends itself to sophistication and ease. There are not as many accessories used in a minimalist style. The general idea is “less is more.”

Minimalist Design Frame Style Recommendations

Frame styles should be thin and simple but still dramatic if you want to complement the minimalist design. The frames are clean and sophisticated. White frames offer a super clean and crisp look. A black frame can do the same thing.

Rustic Interior Design

A rustic design style will emphasize rugged, natural beauty. The design uses raw materials like stone and unfinished wood to create a simple and organic feel. The rustic style will reject many of the elements used in modern design styles, like clean and straight lines, catchy or colorful accents, and strong geometric patterns. Instead, it will incorporate the use of leather, wood, and antiques along with warm color schemes.

Rustic Design Frame Style Recommendations

Wooden frames of any color pair well with a rustic interior design. Warm-colored wooden frames like cherry mesh well with rustic décor. They match stone elements and unfinished wood while allowing you to personalize the space with your own choices of art or photos. While wooden custom frames are an exceptional choice, custom metal frames can be a sleek accent that ties it all together.

Finding Custom Frames in Atlanta, Georgia

If you are looking for custom frame designs to use in your Atlanta, Georgia, home, you are in the right place. At Suburban Frames, we bring decades of experience and expertise to every project. We can help you personalize any space and compliment any décor with your own artwork or photos in custom frames. Let us help you add character to your indoor spaces.