8 Creative Custom Frame Ideas for Your Small Business

Maybe you’ve seen pictures or framed items hanging on the walls of a business you’ve visited. Custom framed pictures hanging on a business’ walls say a lot about the business, whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, or office. You can use custom frames to attract the attention of your customers. They can be leveraged to create some buzz about your Atlanta business. Need some ideas for unique items to frame and hang in your small business? Let’s take a look at 8 great custom frame ideas for small businesses.

Custom Frame Ideas That Add a Personal Touch to Your Business Space

Showcase Your Company Values and Mission Statement

 Almost 65% of consumers in the US indicated that before making a purchase, they consider the authenticity and ethical values of a company. Does your business have a powerful mission statement? Are you working toward the greater good? Custom Frame these types of documents to let your customers know more about what you are about.

Spotlight Qualifications

Numerous professional positions require different degrees or high-level certifications. These qualifications can be proudly displayed to your customers using a custom frame. You can creatively spotlight your accomplishments and establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can custom frame documents, diplomas, and certifications that have been earned.

Celebrate Business Achievements

Did you win a small business award? Celebrate it with a custom frame to commemorate your hard work and effort. One study indicated that small businesses that win awards experience an increase in operating income of around 60% and about a 40% growth in sales when compared to those who do not win business awards. The recognition is worth it!

Frame That First Dollar

You’ve probably seen other businesses around Atlanta that custom framed their first dollars. It’s a traditional idea and a great place to use a custom frame. The moment is worth celebrating! You may choose to frame your first dollar, sales ticket, or invoice. It’s also worth considering making a small collage that contains all of these items; then custom frame it!

Spotlight Good Press

When your business gets good press, you want to memorialize it! You simply cannot go wrong with good press. What types of things can be custom framed so the world can see your successes? An excellent restaurant review, publication of your charity’s hard work, or a newspaper article in the Atlanta Journal about your business are all worthy of a custom frame.

Display Employee Photographs

There’s no doubt that your business’s greatest assets are the people who work for you. People connect and buy from people. You can create a welcoming environment by showing off the people behind your brand by displaying photos of your staff. A hand-crafted custom frame will not only set the photos apart and make them aesthetically appealing, but it will also let your visitors know how much you value your team.

Highlight Services or Menus

Does your small business offer luxury items or premium services? Highlight lists like these with custom frames. A creative picture frame can add a touch of elegance to a menu, spa treatments, or a list of jewelry services. The key is presentation. A custom frame can highlight and reinforce the idea that your customers are treating themselves, whether they are enjoying a fancy dinner or indulging in a relaxing day.

Customer Photo Opportunity

Does your small business have a feature wall that is worthy of social media? If you have an art mural, a t-shirt wall, or a beautiful plant display, use it to encourage customers to take photos to share on social media. Hand them a large custom frame to hold as they capture the moment. Post a custom-framed sign nearby to encourage them to tag your business or check in at your location when they post. Include a list of suggested hashtags on the list.

It is in your power to create an exciting business space for your customers and clientele. These unique and creative custom frame ideas give you unlimited opportunities to highlight your business space and create a great atmosphere. They can be used to show off what’s important to your small business and help you connect with your customers. These custom frame ideas also help improve your business area’s aesthetics. Let Suburban Custom Frames help you set your small business apart!