How Custom Framed Fine Art Can Enhance Your Décor

Decorating, in general, requires quite a bit of consideration. Living rooms and bedrooms are sometimes more difficult when it comes to décor, mostly because these areas need to be “just right.” Custom framed fine art can enhance the décor in any room, but particularly in bedrooms and living rooms. In fact, it’s a great way to bring creativity, taste, class, and personality into these and other spaces. Just like adding chic objects and modern furnishings, fine art gives your room a unique personality. Artwork and paintings help bring all the elements together in a room by being a focal point, adding inspiring color, and harmonizing interior décor.

Using Fine Art to Improve and Enhance a Room’s Design

Create a Brilliant Focal Point

One of the fundamental concepts in interior design is a focal point. You want each room in your Atlanta home to have its own focal point that will immediately capture a person’s attention when they enter the room or area. Exquisite fine art will make the right first impression on your guests, friends, and family members when they visit. Custom framed fine art is a valuable wall decoration that summarizes all your décor by capturing a glance.

Once you’ve placed your fine art and established it as a focal point, all the other design elements are easier to manage. Imagine, if you will, your favorite painting or artwork hanging over the mantle of your fireplace. Or perhaps you’d like to custom frame a large piece to place over your bed in your bedroom.

Using Fine Art to Inspire Your Décor

When you want to add a touch of elegance, luxury, or glamour to a room, wall decorations and fine art are exceptional choices. Custom frames, in general, add flare to a room with smooth, rounded corners or sharp geometric patterns and clean-cut lines. Custom framing unique artwork of all sizes helps bring inspiration to your room’s décor and breathes life into indoor spaces. However, don’t limit your creativity. You can build a room’s décor around a painting, ceramic artwork, sculpture, or some other medium. You can also mix and match to create the tone, feel, and atmosphere you want to communicate.

Add Depth, Texture, and Mood

Wall art decorations come in varying sizes and shapes. Four-dimensional sculptures to two-dimensional paintings breathe life into a room by providing layers of creativity. You can hang a combination of different styles of wall art throughout your Atlanta, GA, home. Hang custom framed posters on your stair walls. Or hang framed photos in the entryway to welcome guests. You get to determine what mod and reaction you desire to evoke in guests and friends. Just a single piece of exquisite artwork hung in a living room or bedroom can provide numerous design elements, including texture, depth, and color. If you have high ceilings, you can balance out the room with a large piece of custom framed fine art to help draw the eyes upward.

palette of colors

Custom Framed Fine Art and the Color Palette

One of the most difficult parts of interior design is choosing a suitable color palette. Just a quick trip to the home improvement store yields endless possibilities when it comes to shades of paint. It can feel limiting to narrow down your choices to colors that best fit your space’s design. But you can use fine art to help you choose colors that will breathe life into the entire space. When you let your fine art do all the talking, it helps you choose color schemes for the rest of the room. You can draw out specific colors from the artwork by coordinating contrasting and complementary colors.

Custom Framed Fine Art Expertise

At Suburban Frames, we’ve got the expertise and experience you need for custom framing your prized fine art pieces. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need a little inspiration from our decades of experience, we can help you get the custom framed pieces you will love.