5 Tips for Taking Great Family Photos for Custom Framing

Taking great family photos is a little bit skill, a little bit art, and some good luck mixed in. Family photographs are often challenging as a photographer, whether you are a pro or an amateur. New photographers, in particular, can find it daunting to capture perfect moments with multiple people.

Photographers must build rapport with all the family members quickly. There’s a delicate balance to be found between keeping the children engaged and meeting the expectations of parents who expect gorgeous frameable photographs. These tips are useful to photographers at any experience level. They’ll help family photography sessions go smoothly and yield great family photos perfect for custom framing every time.

1. Choose Engagement Over A Pose

Posing doesn’t come naturally for most people. If you can create a fun atmosphere where the family can enjoy themselves, you are more likely to produce inspiring family photos. When family members feel even a little uncomfortable, the discomfort can give photos a fake look. Instead of having families pose, engage them in activities. They may walk, run, play, or dance. It doesn’t even need to include lots of activity, leaning on a wall, or peeking out from behind a tree works too. They may simply hug each other. But they are engaged, and that is what creates memorable moments and great photos.

2. Schedule the Best Time for Kids

Even though it may complicate the scheduling process a bit, especially for the photographer, scheduling the photo shoot at the best time for kids is worth it. When kids are tired, hungry, or sleepy, they can be hard to handle. Once they reach frustration, getting a happy look for a photograph is not likely. Parents can help you find the optimal time for their kids. Most of the time, photo sessions early in the day work well. Once the kids are up and have had breakfast, you can capitalize on their golden hours. However, families are different, and they have different schedules. Adjust family photo sessions for their unique circumstances.

3. Outfit Advice for Harmonious Family Photographs

As a photographer, one of the most common questions you will hear is, “What should we wear?” A little bit of practical advice can go a long way. Clothing should look coordinated. But this doesn’t mean that family members should dress in identical clothes. They should, however, wear the same style of clothes. They may all dress in formal wear, go for an elegant look, or dress in casual wear. Family members should wear the same style and similar shades or colors. Natural shades work well for photo shoots. Remind them to avoid bright colors since they stand out. Bright colors are not ideal unless you want one person to stand out and get all of the attention.

4. Choose the Setting

Sometimes, people feel awkward posing for photo shoots in public. When taking photos outdoors, use objects to help family members feel more comfortable. They may lean on a wall or sit on a park bench at an Atlanta park. Be observant and look for natural frames that can add more composition to the images. Sometimes, families have locations where they like to hang out or where they have great memories. These settings can make great photo shoots and memorable family photographs perfect for custom framing. Maybe it’s where the couple got engaged or first met. It may be a park where they spend evenings together as a family. Family photos will be more joyful when they feel a sense of connection with the place.

5, Be Flexible and Open Minded

Going with the flow is never more important than family shoots with kids. You may have a great idea of how to take photos with kids, and it might work very well in your head. But the family may feel differently about your ideas, especially if it’s not quite a match for their personality or style. When you are working with kids, sometimes they just feel like doing something else, anything else, really. If this is the case, just adjust. Rather than taking forced family photos, where you can see they are uncomfortable, just grab beautiful unplanned photos that capture a happy family.

Custom Framed Family Photos from Suburban Frames

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