How to Hang Custom Framed Large Artwork

Artwork of any variety can add a unique touch to a room’s décor. Just one painting or print has the ability to change the atmosphere in an entire room. With a professional frame, any artwork can be a head-turning, attention-grabbing piece that people marvel at day after day. If you are planning on using custom framed large artwork as part of your décor, here are some tips to help get you started.

Where To Hang Custom Framed Large Artwork

You may be thinking that custom framed large artwork should be hung on a big wall. However, large pieces of art can be hung anywhere. The key to hanging larger pieces is to keep the décor around it simple. This leaves your artwork to make a greater statement. A large piece can provide a beautiful focal point in an entryway, whether at work or home. It can also be hung on a less-noticeable wall creating a dramatic centerpiece. Basically, if it fits – it fits. If you are getting started with a blank space, large artwork can set the tone for your other décor. Oversized art can refresh a room, and you can choose accents to complement it. No matter how you choose to arrange it, large framed artwork can be a great addition to your overall décor.

Framing Large Artwork

A professional framer in Atlanta can create a custom frame for any piece; size is not the priority. The idea of a custom frame is to fit it into the piece being framed. The most important factor is choosing a frame that matches your style while complementing the piece being framed. When hanging larger art, remember that the larger frame will weigh more too. You may need a bit more support. You can choose wider molding to help add some support. But how wide should it be? For larger pieces, the frame should be at least 3-inches wide. Talk to a pro at Suburban Frames. We will help you choose framing materials that are suitable for your piece as well as aesthetically pleasing. One way to reduce the weight while enjoying displaying large artwork is to choose acrylic over glass. Discuss the elements with a framing specialist.

Hanging Large Canvas Artwork

To hang custom framed large artwork, you’ll need a little different approach. Instead of using the common screw eye hook, you may want to consider using a D-ring. It is preferable for larger pieces. A D-ring is attached directly to the back of the frame. This provides a stronger foundation for hanging the piece. Depending on the artwork’s size, you may choose heavy-duty hanging wires and hooks. Check the wire’s specs to ensure it will safely hang your artwork. The package lists a breaking point and maximum frame size for the gauge of wire. Since custom framed large artwork is heavier than other pieces, you will want to make sure it’s anchored to a stud. A cleat hanger will help counter bumping and other incidental contact.

custom framed large artwork in a kitchen

How High Should Large Wall Art Be Hung?

A good starting point is to hang large wall art so that its center is about 48 to 56 inches from the floor. However, you must also consider how you’ll use the area. Will you be mostly standing or sitting? Hanging large pieces in lounging areas or dining rooms may mean it needs to be hung a bit higher to ensure it doesn’t disappear from sight when sitting on the furnishings in the room. If you are placing the large piece over a table or sofa, the bottom of the frame should be between six to 12 inches above the tabletop or the back of the sofa.

Hanging Large Artwork on Staircase Walls

Staircase walls are often overlooked, especially when it comes to decorating. Custom framed large artwork can be the perfect piece to accent this area. Here are a couple of tips on hanging the in this transitional space.

  • Try to hang the large artwork close to eye level. To do this, stand on the middle step about halfway up. Look straight at the wall, then use a piece of tape or pencil to mark the point in your line of vision.
  • If there is a stud close to the middle area of the staircase, you may want to compromise a little so you can hang it on the stud.

Call the Pros at Suburban Frames!

If you need some inspiration or ideas, give us a call at Atlanta’s Suburban Frames. We can help you put your masterpiece in just the right spot. Our framing experience and expertise are beneficial for helping you get the perfect custom frame for your large artwork. Call us today, and let us frame your most cherished and enjoyed pieces.