At-Home Photoshoots: Creative Ideas and Custom Framing Tips

At-home photoshoots have become very popular over the last few years. Maybe one reason behind its skyrocketing popularity is the improvements in cell phone camera technology. The smartphone lets anyone channel their inner photographer to capture interesting and stunning images right at home.

Whether you are a professional photographer, hobbyist, or just a snap-happy social media influencer, we’ve gathered some creative photo shoot ideas and custom framing tips to help you make the most of your great photos.

Benefits of an At-Home Photoshoot

There are many benefits of organizing at-home photography shoots. Your space is comfortable and familiar, which is beneficial if your subjects are your pets or small children. This lets you feel more relaxed and in control. Another great advantage of an at-home photoshoot is the money saved from having to rent an expensive studio. At-home photoshoots also allow you to change your environment and personalize it at will. It is your space, right? This lets you choose the style, props, and backdrops that represent you and your family best.

What You’ll Need for an At-Home Photoshoot

At home in Atlanta, you’ve got your space, your camera and equipment, and your subject. You’ll just need to gather a few other essentials to get started.

  • Props. Using props can play a huge role in helping you set the mood or achieve a specific look for your photos. Think about adding items that add to the photo, like plants, furnishings, books, toys, or wall décor.
  • Outfits. Choose outfits and clothing items that will complement your space. Your clothing choices can elevate the visual appeal of your images. Outfits may be casual, classic, or stylized. Choose wisely!
  • Scenery. Spaces inside and outside your home can provide picturesque backdrops for at-home photoshoots. Try experimenting in different rooms, by walls and corners, or go outside to a garden space to find scenery that works.
  • Lighting. Lighting can make all the difference in a photograph. It is a make-or-break issue if you want truly stunning photographs. You can make use of natural light by positioning your subjects close to windows or doors. Poseable lamps can remain off-camera but be used to create the light needed for photos.

Shoot Ideas for At-Home Photoshoots

Self-portraits, Couple or Family Portraits

You have plenty of options! You may want to capture yourself in a way you want to be viewed. Gather your family and just goof off with the camera, or you may want to celebrate your love with your significant other. These types of photos are great for framing to use as home wall décor or give them as gifts to your family.

Create a fun photobooth experience by setting up a tripod and setting your camera to snap every 10 seconds. It can be a lot of fun for adults and kids alike. It can also help you capture some silly photos you’re sure to remember forever. Try experimenting with different expressions, poses, and compositions.

Pet Portraits

Your beloved pets are extremely photogenic, making family pets perfect for your home photoshoots. When they are at home, they easily display their adorable quirks and playful attitudes. It’s the best place to capture your pet’s personality. Use treats or toys to grab their attention and give them lots of love and petting afterward.

Food or Product Photographs

Small business owners and bloggers in Atlanta often dabble in product photography, especially with more people working from home. Capturing product images in a studio works fine, but when you can capture them at home, you can bring out your brand’s personality even more. Instead of using an industry-standard white sheet, consider using scenery from your home as a backdrop. Showcase your newest recipe on your cooktop or dining room table. Experiment with various stylings and angles to make your food or products look more enticing.

Still-Life Photographs

If you are in the mood to make personalized “fine art,” you can experiment with everyday objects. Turn them into works of art by incorporating the into still-life photographs. Arrange your favorite items, trinkets, or décor into different, appealing compositions. Play with shadows and lighting to create images that are visually striking.

Nature Photographs

Ready to bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside? Incorporate outdoor elements into an at-home photoshoot by bringing some plants or flowers inside for camera time. Pose with a tree that you planted and see how fast it grows. Now is your chance to become a birdwatcher for a day. Capture colorful feathers, get closer to the ground, and capture ladybugs or butterflies. There’s a whole world outside waiting for you and your camera to capture its beauty.

Custom Frame Your Favorite At-Home Photoshoot Images

Taking at-home photoshoots provides you with a world of possibilities. You and your subjects can express yourselves without judgment in the comfort of your own home. Take any of these creative ideas and make them your own. Then, contact Suburban Frames and discover the visual power of a custom frame!