5 Creative Ideas for Custom Framing Your Pet Photos

Those darn pets, how in the world do they do it? They dig holes in your freshly planted flower garden, chew up your shoes, and jump on the couch. But they still find a way into your heart and become a part of your family. Let’s face it. Fur babies are family. Their photos deserve a special place on our walls just like our kids and other loved ones. Here are a few ideas and ways to enjoy your custom framed pet photos.

Bright Colors for Bouncy Pups

Puppies have endless energy, or so it seems. Too bad their energy can’t be bottled and sold! Choosing a custom frame for these bubbly little personalities is pretty easy. Think bright and lively colored frames. They highlight your pup’s colorful personality while providing your décor with a nice pop of color in your Atlanta home.

Ornate Frames for Distinguished Canine Fur Babies

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle with their canine fur baby? Smaller dogs and pups maintain a lot of energy and bouncy personality. But older, larger dogs have a certain distinguished look about them. They may move about more slowly than their younger counterparts, but their looks and behaviors still warm our hearts. Honor your distinguished large breed dog with an ornate frame. Give them the royal treatment you know they deserve.

Fine Art Frames for Pet Photos

Professional pet photography is growing in popularity. It’s easy to choose a custom frame for your pet’s photo. Sometimes, simple designs are the most effective. If you want your favorite pet photo to pop something as basic as a white mat inside a black frame is perfect. Imagine a glossy black frame outlining your black lab. Or choose a cream mat inside a warm dark brown frame for your chocolate lab. Adorable!

Create a Custom Framed Pet Photo Collage or Gallery Wall

How can you choose a favorite photo of your beloved pet? It’s hard enough choosing the best images of your kids, right? Create a custom collage. Or create a pet-centered gallery wall that features numerous custom framed pet photos. A gallery wall is an excellent choice if you have more than one pet. You can showcase all of them on a single wall.

Shadowbox Custom Frames for Fur Babies

A custom framed shadowbox can include your favorite pet photograph. But it also has room for other mementos. Include their blankie, a lock of hair, or their favorite chew toy. If you have something with their pawprints, include that. If you have a friend who recently lost their beloved fur baby, as shadowbox makes a nice memorial gift.  

It’s Not All About Dogs!

Fur babies can come in many forms, and we love them all. A custom frame pet photo may include your feline or canine friends. Maybe you’ve got a pet bunny or gerbil you’d like to showcase. Nothing is off the table here. Pet photos of iguanas, lizards, fish, and snakes can all be custom framed and used as décor.

Let Suburban Frames Help!

We love pets at Suburban Frames! Visit or call our Atlanta Custom Frame store and let us highlight your furry family members. We have many different styles, colors, and design options to choose from. We’ll make sure your pet gets the attention and care they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!