Tips for Giving Custom Framed Art as a Gift

Everyone has at least one person that is hard to buy for. You may have spent hours thinking or searching online for the perfect inspiration or suggestion and came up with absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s time to consider a piece of art as a gift. It can make an amazing gift even for people who have artwork displayed. Choosing art demonstrates that you give it a lot of forethought and effort. No matter what the occasion, art makes a great gift. It’s suitable for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah, baby showers, or wedding gifts. It might make the perfect “thank you” gift for a friend or coworker.

Where do you start looking for art as a gift? Have you ever seen a work of art and thought it would be perfect for someone you knew? You might have seen a photograph and thought of someone who would appreciate it and love to display it in their Atlanta home. There are not many gifts as meaningful and memorable as custom framed artwork. There is not a wrong way to give art as a gift. Think about what makes the person so special and sets them apart. This helps you choose a lasting gift they will cherish. Whether you want to add to an existing art collection, or start one for a friend, here are a few tips to make it easier for you to choose.

Tips to Help When Giving Art as a Gift

Think about their personal taste

Whether you’ve known the recipient for years, or you just met them, take note of their personal style and taste. What is their home like? Is it modern, minimal, or traditional? Do they like neutral, sleek, and minimal décor? Maybe they are eclectic, vibrant, or rustic. What are they passionate about? How do they spend their free time? Being familiar with their favorite colors or personal style gives you clues to help you choose art as a gift they will love.

Do they have a favorite artist or genre?

Perhaps the person you are buying art for is already a fan of a particular art style or artist. You may be able to determine this from pieces displayed in their home or office. Subtle questions to their children or partner can help you identify specific artists or styles they are fond of. Use this information to help you choose what to buy.

Where are they going to display it?

Buying art as a gift is a nice gesture. But the recipient will need to display or hang it somewhere. While visiting their home or office, look at what space they have available for artwork. Knowing what area they have available helps you choose the right size piece. It should fit with their décor, of course. But it also needs to fit inside the space they have to work with.  When in doubt, give smaller works of art. They can make a huge impact and give them more flexibility as to where to display the artwork.

Let Suburban Frames Help!

Suburban Frames in Atlanta, Georgia can help you give custom framed art as a gift. Almost anything can be custom framed from photographs to drone photography. Painted artwork and canvas art make exceptional gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come. Let us put our expertise and experience work for you. Contact us today to learn more about custom framed art and how you can give it as a gift.