How to Choose the Best Custom Frames for Your Wall Color

Whether you have been in your Atlanta home for years, or you are buying or renting a new place, it’s important to make your space fell like home. It often takes some time to achieve the look and feel you want. There are two important steps in the process: painting the walls and hanging your pictures and artwork. How can you know how to choose the best custom frames for your specific wall color? Here are five tips to help your custom framing process a success.

1. Match Paint Undertones to Your Frame

Paint colors are made by mixing two or more colors together. This means that every shade available has a main tone or the color used to register the paint, such as blue, beige, or taupe. They also have an undertone. Identifying your paint’s undertone can help you choose the best custom frames that will complement the color palette.

You can use a color wheel or paint swatch to compare your wall color. For example, if your walls are painted off-white or cream, see how it compares to red, yellow, and blue. The color that matches it best is the undertone. Colors like gray and white are often considered cool colors, but they actually have a warm-colored base. Testing your wall color against swatches is the best way to figure out which undertones you are dealing with. Once you know the undertone, it’s easier to choose the best custom frame color.

2. Go For a Tone-On-Tone Look

Tone-on-tone matching means choosing a frame color that is similar to or matches your wall tone. You can create a beautiful effect with shades of deep green, blues, or even pinks. A white custom frame with a white mat can create a stunning effect on a white wall. It makes the art or photograph the focus. The frame adds a subtle texture and sophisticated dimension.

Black frames can create a similar effect on dark walls. You may choose a white mat, a darker-colored mat, or not use a mat at all to create a modern look. Some interior designers often suggest not using black on navy blue walls, but we disagree. On some navy walls, black is the best custom frame, especially if you want to achieve a super chic look. it can give your walls just the right edge and definition.

3. When White is the Best Custom Frame

If you consider using white frames on a white wall, it’s still important to match the undertones. A bright white frame may look too stark against a cream or off-white wall. You’ll want to choose a slightly distressed custom frame. Also, an off-white frame will not be the best visually against a true-white wall.

If you decide that a bright white frame is the best custom frame, you’ll want to use a white mat as well. The experts at Atlanta’s Suburban Custom Frames can help ensure you get the right whites that will complement your artwork, photograph, and frame.

4. Look Past Your Walls

Wall color is, of course, important, but don’t underestimate how other design elements can impact frame choice. Consider the base and crown moldings, tile floors, tone of wood floors or cabinetry, and the colors of your furniture and countertops. These elements can draw out the undertones of the wall color, especially the ones that are not as apparent.

If you would like to complement your wallpaper’s vibrant colors, colorful frames can make images pop. No matter what your style is, you can choose from a variety of frame colors, bright or subdued, that can showcase your photography, artwork, or anything else you’d like to accent.

5. You Don’t Need a Perfect Match

Of course, you could spend forever trying to find the perfect art to match your walls. Instead, choose art that you love. Even if the artwork is not a “perfect” match for your interior design, the best custom frames can help bridge the gap between your beloved artwork and the wall. The right frame can help tie undertones, artwork, wall color, and even the entire room together in a magical way.

Suburban Custom Frames Can Help!

When decorating, you want to make sure you’ve got it right. At Suburban Custom Frames, we’ve been doing this for decades. Our framing experts can help you choose the best custom frames and mat boards to achieve the effect you want in your Atlanta home. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!