5 Ways Refresh Your Home’s Décor with Custom Frames

We have bid goodbye to 2023 and are well into 2024. It’s a great time to reflect on last year and solidify our plans for the coming year and beyond. No matter what your goals are, your health, family, or developing new hobbies, your home plays an essential role in helping you establish intentions and keeping you recharged. This is why we decided to compile a list of ideas that will help you refresh your Atlanta home using custom frames like artwork and photographs. Let us help you set the stage for a new year and a new phase of your life!

Custom Frame New Photo Memories from Your Phone

As our culture has evolved, people carry their phones with them everywhere. Our lives are literally in the palm of our hands. From quiet times to vacations and graduations to memorable events of all types, there are plenty of frame-worthy moments right on our phones.

You can easily print and frame phone photos, which can be printed directly from your phone, computer, or your Instagram feed. Tell your story using a collage or create a group of framed images to tell the whole story. You may want to choose a favorite image to use as a stand-alone statement piece.

Custom Frame Your Kid’s Artwork or Photos

New school years mean new artwork and school portraits worthy of a custom frame. There are some artwork created by your child that are too nice to remain on the fridge forever. Custom framing is a great way to protect these treasures and elevate them. Celebrate their hard work by integrating your child’s artwork into your home décor by using a custom frame.

Does your family enjoy doing puzzles together? Or are puzzles your favorite way to pass the time? Consider custom-framing options to show off your hard work or your favorite design.

Style Vignettes and Shelves with Framed Artwork

You have lots of options for those smaller areas of your home, like built-in shelving or an entryway table. These scenarios provide you with numerous options for refreshing your home’s décor, and you don’t even need to re-hang artwork.

These areas can easily be remixed with your custom-framed artwork, decorative objects, plants, or books to create a fresh theme and a whole new feeling. You may want to mix smaller tabletop custom frames and some larger frames. Layering them together creates visual interest. Lighting is also useful for creating a focal point anywhere, on any wall. Use lighting to showcase your custom-framed photos or artwork.

You may want to use picture lights, which are common. You can choose between battery-powered devices or plug-in versions. Both options are easy to incorporate into your décor. Another way to incorporate lighting is to use small table lamps on shelves or tables where you are displaying your custom-framed pieces.

Create a Gallery Wall

Designing a gallery wall provides limitless options. They can be a fun and effective way of displaying your favorite memories and injecting your personality into your home. You can add new pieces or work with your existing artwork. Rearranging these pieces into a gallery arrangement will make a huge impact on any space. You may even choose to start with a layout that includes all your favorite photos. Create a cohesive appearance by grouping the pieces by subject matter, materials, or color palette.

Add New Works from Independent or Local Artists

The world can never have enough art! Actually, we need it more than ever, and art speaks into our lives in ways that other media just can’t. If you have a favorite artist you follow on social media, why not purchase some of their prints or original pieces? Make these unique pieces part of your home’s fresh, new decor with a custom frame.

Custom Frames in Atlanta is Your One-Stop Framing Option

No matter what you want to preserve with a custom frame, we’ve got you covered. With decades of custom framing experience, we can help you feature anything from memorabilia to movie posters, old photographs to family heirlooms, and your kid’s artwork to original works of your own. Call us today and let us help you display the pieces you are most proud of so you can share them with others.