6 Custom Framing Ideas for Decorating the Bath

As functional as the bathroom is, it can often get overlooked when it comes to décor. Even though it is an essential part of our everyday lives and the area of our homes where we prepare to impress others with our great looks, we forget it can be decorated. Why not celebrate the room that helps you get ready for work in the morning and for bed at night?

Maybe it’s time to breathe some life into your bathroom with some special décor. We’ve collected six wall decor and custom framing ideas that are timeless and trending. It’s time to turn your bathroom into a relaxing getaway.

Getting Started on Your Bathroom Décor

Before we even share our great decorating and custom framing ideas for sprucing up your bathroom, you want to start with a clean slate. Before doing anything in the bathroom, make sure the walls are clean and moisture-free. This gives you some time to think about what kind of custom frames you want to use to display your art or wall décor.

Bathroom Decorating Idea #1: Think Vintage

Are you a fan of glitz, glamour, classic elegance, and old Hollywood? Think about using vintage décor. Vintage mirrors, antique sconces, and custom-framed vintage botanical prints can transport your bathroom into a whole other era. If you want a full look, consider using rich-colored wallpaper, like lush deep purple or gold, rich forest greens, and silver which can all look great with a classic yet timeless style.

Bathroom Decorating Idea #2: Go Modern

Do you prefer sleek and contemporary over flashy? You may choose to go for a modern look. It’s not flashy, but it is impactful. Think about adding custom-framed oversized mirrors, geometric wall art, or custom-framed floral wall art and clean-lined shelves. If you like, you can choose a monochromatic color scheme and then add pops of accents that can help create a sophisticated, chic look.

Bathroom Decorating Idea #3: Southern Chic

Southern chic is for you if you are ready to embrace the hospitality and warmth of the South. This is accomplished by adding wooden accents, wooden custom frames, and farmhouse-style décor to create a cozy, rustic charm. If you want to add a little southern glow, add some mason jars with lights to create the desired effect. Light-colored and natural wood frames work with the décor in southern-style bathrooms.

Bathroom Decorating Idea #4: Is Minimalist Your Style?

Maybe tranquility and simplicity are your core ideas. If so, you may want to choose minimalist bathroom décor. Create a clutter-free atmosphere by using neutral colors, wall-mounted shelves, clean lines, and unadorned mirrors. If you would like a little Zen-like ambiance, add a little green or potted plants to create a touch of nature.  Custom-framing items for a minimalist bathroom may include thin metal frames.

Bathroom Decorating Idea #5: Maximalist or Eclectic

Maybe you’re more the type who wants to make a bold statement and play a little with your artistic expression. You may consider the eclectic and maximalist décor. This style lets you mix and match colors, textures, and patterns. You can include ornate custom framed mirrors, eye-catching artwork, or create a unique gallery wall. Create a one-of-a-kind bathroom by letting your creativity loose to run wild. There are absolutely no rules when you choose a maximalist décor.

Bathroom Decorating Idea #6: Boho Bathrooms

Do you want something totally new? The Boho chic décor has become very popular over the last few years. If you want a little boho charm in your bathroom, think of macrame wall hangings, plants, and tapestries. The bohemian style is similar to the maximalist and it’s all about mixing textures, patterns, and colors to create an inviting, warm space.

Let Suburban Frames Help You Custom Frame Your Prized Piece

Are you ready to decorate your Atlanta home? A custom-framed piece is a great way to add some class and dress up your bathroom décor. No matter what your style preferences, from vintage charm to southern chic, modern elegance to minimalist or maximalist, choosing a bathroom décor can transform the space. Choosing one of these six styles or creating a unique style of your own can add personality and a touch of luxury and bring life to your bathroom spaces. Let us help you with custom framing ideas for your bathroom or your whole house.